Kurupí Compuesta Especial Yerba Mate 500 g
Kurupí Compuesta Especial – Yerba Mate 500g

Kurupí Compuesta Especial – Yerba Mate 500g


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Kurupí Compuesta Especial – Yerba Mate 500 g

Kurupí Compuesta Especial is a special mix of yerba mate, boldo and peppermint. Boldo leaves have a good effect on the liver. Mint relieves migraines and headaches and contributes to the rich, smooth flavour of this Paraguayan yerba mate. It contains digestive and antacid (neutralizing the stomach acid) properties and is perfect for tereré.

Yerba mate Kurupí is manufactured by Laboratorio y Herboristeria Santa Margarita S.A. In 1998, after long years of studies and research, they revolutionized the Paraguayan market with the launch of this product. Today they are a model industry for the Paraguayan market with several lines for the production of tea, yerba mate and herbal medicines. They are the first Paraguayan industry to process medicinal herbs, certified by the Ministry of Health, that meets the requirements required for the certification of « Good Manufacturing and Control Practices ».

Yerba mate, boldo, mint.

Net content
500 g

Store in a cool & dry place.

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