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We ship your products within 48 hours after your order. Our preferred shipping companies are bpost, DPD and Mondial Relay. They do have fast delivery times, usually within 1 to 2 business days depending on your location. You will receive a tracking number to always know where your package is.

We offer free shipping in Belgium for all orders over €49 (to a Pickup Point, or over €69 for home delivery), and to the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Germany for orders over €69.

We also offer free shipping to those living in the near vicinity of our warehouse. You automatically receive free shipping if you use an address in Belgium with the following postal codes: 1933, 1930, 3070, 3078, 1970, 3080.

As it might be that you will not be home when your package arrives, we also offer Pickup-Point delivery. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to request express shipping, or if you have any questions or special requests. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Please note: When shipping to non-EU countries (e.g. Switzerland), fees for customs and value added tax may apply, which are not included in the invoice amount. These are to be paid by the customer and are usually levied directly by customs or by the post office upon delivery of the shipment. 

You can find approximate shipping times and our prices in Euro for home delivery in the table below:

CountryShipping timeUntil €49From €49From €69
Austria2 days€15,65€15,65€15,65
Belgium1 day€6,50€3,00€0
Bosnia-Herzegovina8 days€63,60€63,60€63,60
Bulgaria5 days€26€26€26
Croatia4 days€26€26€26
Czech Republic3 days€18,75€18,75€18,75
Denmark2 days€17,65€17,65€17,65
Estonia4 days€19,75€19,75€19,75
Finland5 days€24€24€24
France2 days€11,95€11,95€0
Germany2 days€8,95€8,95€0
Greece6 days€28€28€28
Hungary3 days€18,75€18,75€18,75
Iceland5 days€69,95€69,95€69,95
Ireland3 days€17,95€17,95€17,95
Italy3 days€17,50€17,50€17,50
Latvia4 days€19,75€19,75€19,75
Liechtenstein3 days€55,50€55,50€55,50
Lithuania4 days€19,75€19,75€19,75
Luxembourg1 day€9,95€9,95€0
Monaco3 days€12,95€12,95€12,95
Netherlands1 day€10,95€10,95€0
Norway5 days€61,65€61,65€61,65
Poland3 days€18,75€18,75€18,75
Portugal4 days€24€24€24
Romania4 days€31,50€31,50€31,50
Serbia6 days€64,75€64,75€64,75
Slovakia3 days€18,75€18,75€18,75
Slovenia3 days€18,75€18,75€18,75
Spain3 days€24€24€24
Sweden3 days€19,75€19,75€19,75
Switzerland3 days€120€120€120

You can find approximate shipping times and our prices in Euro for Pickup-Point delivery in the table below:

CountryShipping timeUntil €49From €49From €69
Austria2 days€10,95€10,95€10,95
Belgium1 day€5,45€0€0
Czech Republic3 days€10,95€10,95€10,95
Denmark2 days€13,75€13,75€13,75
Finland5 days€21,80€21,80€21,80
France2 days€9,95€9,95€0
Germany2 days€7,45€7,45€0
Netherlands1 day€7,35€7,35€0
Portugal4 days€21,80€21,80€21,80
Slovakia3 days€11,95€11,95€11,95
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