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This is an amazing Argentinian dessert made of chocolate cookies dipped in milk or coffee, layered between a mixture of dulce de leche and cream cheese.

Noelia Álvarez

Noelia Álvarez – Argentinian artist

Get to know the story of one of our favorite local artists, from where we source the most beautiful and unique handmade South American accessories.

Rumberos Cake

Rumberos Cake

This is a great no-bake dessert that can be prepared by even the most unskilled cook, but yet so delicious as if made by a professional.

Quince Pie

Quince Pie

This is a delicious type of sweet tart common to Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Italy, Egypt and Greece.

Yerba Mate

What is Yerba Mate?

Learn about its origin, benefits and how it is produced.

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