Viu Manent

Viu Manent

Viu Manent & Pequeña Sudamérica join forces to bring the taste of Chilean wine to Belgium.

This collaboration aims to showcase the excellence of Viu Manent’s renowned wines, bringing a touch of Chilean viticulture to the discerning palates of Belgian consumers. It gives a unique opportunity to explore the terroir-driven wines that have made Chile a prominent player in the international wine scene.


Founded in 1935, Viu Manent’s long history has been guided by the family’s love of the trade and its unending commitment to excellence and the quality of their wines.

They are highly committed to the concepts of sustainability and include it among its strategic pillars and philosophy of work. The company’s value proposition is oriented toward being an organization that integrates the preservation of and respect for the environment and reinforces its roots, the family, traditions, and the ongoing improvement in the areas of work, safety, health, and community relationships.


Viu Manent wines are made with grapes from their own properties in the Colchagua Valley in Chile’s Central Zone, 130 km (80 mi) southeast of the capital, Santiago. The winery’s 254 hectares (627 acres) are divided among vineyards in San Carlos, La Capilla, and El Olivar.

Philosophy & Mission

Through experience and innovative spirit, Viu Manent is able to achieve the ultimate expression of both Colchagua and Chile in outstanding quality wines with a style of their own, satisfying the most demanding pallets of consumers around the world, thus contributing to the prestige of Chilean wine.

Their mission is to produce outstanding wines that are consistent in quality, through attention to detail and the special concern for quality that both the Viu family and their highly committed and professional team give.

Selection of wines

Try delicious Viu Manent wines we have in stock:

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