Noelia Álvarez

Noelia Álvarez – Argentinian artist

Get to know the story of one of our favorite local artists, from where we source the most beautiful and unique handmade South American accessories.


Noelia Álvarez was born in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina, on July 1, 1977. She began her studies in art at the school Mercedes Álvarez de Segura and then continued her studies at the Institute 9-014 in Art.

In 2004 she joined the group of visual artists “PROYECTO UNÍSONO”, with the aim of spreading art and encouraging regional development.

She has carried out individual and group exhibitions such as: Congress and Exhibition Center, Multiesacio Vecchia Terra in San Rafael and group exhibitions in San Rafael, Mendoza city, Buenos Aires, Olot (province of Girona) Catalunya, Spain. She has received awards and honours for her artistic work as well as her work as manager (of Proyecto Unísono).

Since 2009 she directs the Unísono Art Organization together with Montse Bassols, who has an active role in the organization and production of numerous exhibitions of visual artists, project management, courses, artistic seminars and participation in regional and national fairs. This organization is currently located in the city of San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.

Proyecto Unísono
Proyecto Unísono

My paintings are a synthesis or abstraction of people, animals or elements of nature. When I design a painting the idea is very clear. Nature, the experiences, the stories of others is what inspires me. My paintings are full of vibrant colours, the intention is for the viewer to stare at each work discovering the characters and different shapes that are in it. I never make pre-sketches, but I think about a theme and I paint it directly on the canvas.

Although this incredible artist began her career painting on canvas, over time she has brought her creativity to every possible space: city walls, accessories, utensils and beautiful mate cups that you can find on our webshop. Some examples:

You can find Noelia Álvarez and her creations on social networks:

Facebook: Unísono Espacio de Arte
Instagram: noeliaalvarezsraik_pinturas

All her creations are for sale and can be brought to Europe. Contact us for more information.

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