Wonder Bru

Wonder Bru

Great news! The Belgo-Argentinian brewers of Wonder Bru & Pequeña Sudamérica are teaming up together to bring Wonder Bru’s first commercial brew directly to customers at home.

Wonder Bru ASBL was born on the 5th of February 2022 in Brussels, Belgium, from a shared passion for hoppy craft beers by a group of three brewers: Emmeline, Nico and Stephane, an organic farmer, Gael, a bar tender Julien and Jordane, a beer sommelier. Over the years they developed a passion for brewing authentic craft beers, blending new and classic flavours.

Mate Brew

Nico, one of the three brewers who is Argentinian, introduced yerba mate to the group. The idea for a mate-infused beer was born and in mid-2022, Wonder Bru launched Mate Brew, brewed in the reputed Belgian brewery De Ranke.

Mate Brew is a pale ale with a generous yet balanced barley base and a note of spice from rye. It has deep herbal flavors and light smokiness coming from the unique combination of hops and yerba mate, the traditional South American tea. Mate Brew is a full-flavored copper colored beer with a white head and a refreshing finish.

Enjoy the energy boost! 😃

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