Rumberos Cake Pack
Rumberos Cake Pack – Chimbote

Rumberos Cake Pack – Chimbote


Price per kilo: €8,97/kg

Delicious Rumberos cake pack, consisting of 3 packages of galletitas Rumba and 1 pot of super tasty dulce de leche Chimbote. Save 20%!

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Rumberos Cake Pack – Chimbote

Rumberos cake is one of the quickest and most delicious desserts to make!

Creamy in texture thanks to the mix of dulce de leche and milk cream and full of flavour from the pieces of Rumba cookies that you’ll find in each bite. You have to try it!

Click here to discover the super-easy recipe on our blog.

Description of the content
3 packages of Galletitas Rumba – Bagley 112g
1 Dulce de Leche – Chimbote 430g

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Weight0.936 kg



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Caro Import S.L. 08530 Can Illa s/n, nave A. La Garriga, Barcelona, Spain., La Franco Argentine, Bureaux et Site de Produccion 4, 02120 Place des Prelets, Sains-Richaumont, France.


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